Research Activity

Since its establishment in 1964 the Electrical and Power Engineering Department has been conducting active research work on the contract and budget basis. Untill the 1990s this work had the applied character and was connected basically with creation of the magnetic measurments devices and apparatuses for research institutions and industrial eneterprises of Vladimir, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vilnus, Donetsk, Rybinsk and other cities.

By the beginning of the 1990s scientific school has formed in the Department. It specializes in electrical engineering, electromagnets and electromechics problems solving. S.A. Sbitnev, Doctor of Science, the Head of Department and V.E Shmelev, Associate Professor, Candidate of Science, developed a modern theory of power interaction in electromagnetic fields, methodology of wave electromagnetical processes in power transmission lines modelling, complex AC electric circuts work modes computation.

At present they finished developing a theoretical basis for the new class of methods of electromagnetic fields calculation in the moving environment, e.d. space-phase methods of the electromagnetic field theory. This class of methods is oriented to solving the most important problems in power and electrical engineering: improvement of generators, creation of different types of electromotors, etc. These new methods of calculation of electromagnetic fields are universal; they form a reliable theoretical basis for creating various perspective electromechanical rotary and translational movement convertors.

All the research products are practically used.


In 2009 Educational and Research Centre Energoefficency was established under the Department of Electrical and Power Engineering, which is led by S.A Sbitnev., Professor and Doctor of Science.


The most important publications of department members are

1. Нелинейные электрические и магнитные цепи. Установившиеся и переходные режимы. Под редакцией профессора Сбитнева С.А., Владимир: ВлГУ, 2003г., 96 с.

2. В.Е. Шмелев, С.А. Сбитнев. Теоретические основы электротехники. Теория электромагнитного поля. Владимир: ВлГУ, 2003г., 88с.

3. Шмелев В.Е., Сбитнев С.А. Пространственно-фазовое моделирование электромеханических процессов в машинах с постоянными магнитами в системе FEMLAB. Электротехника, 2000, № 8. – с. 50–54.

4. Шмелев В.Е., Сбитнев С.А. Space-phase modeling of electromechanical processesary motion machines. 2D model realization. Excerpt from the Proceedings of the COMSOL users Conference 2006 Prague.

5. Шмелев В.Е., Сбитнев С.А. Двумерное пространственно-фазовое моделирование электромеханических процессов в асинхронных машинах с получением механической характеристики. Электротехника, 2009, №10. – с.2-8.


Higher Qualification Personnel Training

In 1970s and 1980s Y.V. Seleznev and Y.N. Maslov succesfully read up and defended Doctoral Dissertations. Since the beginning of the 1990s the postgraduate course in Theoretical Electrical Engineering has been working. Supervisor of studies is S.A. Sbitnev, Doctor of Science, who defended his Doctor’s Dissertation in this speciality at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute in 1993. Other members of the Department, inluding V.E. Shmelev, also defended their dissertations in this speciality.

In 2001 Lyu Tkhe Vin,a Vietnam citizen, defended his Candidate's Dissertation in Electomechanics and Electrical Devices.

In 2009 V.A. Shakhnin, Associate Professor, defended his Doctoral Dissertation at the junction of two fields Robots, Mechatronics and Robototechnical Systems and Methods of Controlling and Diagnostics in Mechanical Engineering.



The Department was established in 1964, its original name was the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electrical Machines. The first Head of the Department was Professor, Doctor of Science Y.V. Seleznev. In late 1960s postgraduate course at the Department and specialized council was created in the University. By the beginning of the 1980s 15 lecturers had worked at the Department, including 11 Candidates of Science and Associate Professors.

Since its creation and untill mid-1990s the Department had general educational status and provided electrotechnical training for students of all the technical specialities of the University. In 1993 professor S.A. Sbitnev, who defended the Doctor’s Dissertation in «Theoretical Electotechnology» at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, became the Head of the Department. Next several years the Department group worked on establishing new specialities of «Electrical Equipment for Cars and Tractors» and «Electric Power Supply». Since 1997, after the speciality «Electic Power Supply» had been opened, the department became graduating. The new name of the Department, which is now Electrical and Power Engineering, shows that it still provides training in Electrical Engineering for many University students of different technical specialities and at the same time graduate specialists in Electric Power Supply. There are both full-time and part-time budget and contract students.


Teaching Staff

Stanislav Alexandrovich Sbitnev

Head of the Department, Doctor of Science, Proferssor, Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education


Valeriy Ivanovich Afonin

Candidate of Science, Associate Professor


Noirair Petikovich Badalyan

Doctor of Science, Professor


Aleksey Grigorevich Iluxin

Candidate of Science, Associate Professor


Grigoriy Platonovish Kolesnik

Candidate of Science, Professor


Vladimir Timofeevich Kondratiev

Candidate of Science, Associate Professor


Yriy Pavlovich Maksimiv

Candidate of Science, Associate Professor


Vadim Anatolievich Shahnin

Doctor of Science, Associate Professor


Vyacheslav Evgenievich Smelev

Candidate of Science, Associate Professor


Yriy Yrievich Kuznecov



Aleksandr Vyacheslavovich Celishev



Aleksandr Vyacheslavovich Harlap



Material and Technical Basis


The Department of Electrical and Power Engineering has 6 laboratories, a computer class, the Head’s office, teacher’s room, two rooms for research work, a warehouse and three lecture rooms. Besides a computer calss there is new laboratory equipped with six factory-made computorized laboratory desks. Two lecture rooms have multimedia sets and are used in study process very intensively.


Specialities and Students’ Training Directions

The Department of Electrical and Power Engineering trains studens on full-time and part-time basis in speciality Electric Power Supply (140211) and on the direction Electroenergetics (140200). There are Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees courses in this direction.

At the present time transition to the two-level study system (bachlor and master) is being carried out. According to the national standard the department plans to teach student in direction «Electrical Engineering and Electroenergetics». It is planned that in 2010-2011 twenty five men will be enrolled as students.


Methodological Materials, Manuals, Presentations

The courses in all disciplines are provided with sufficient number of books and manuals by leading publishers.

Only in recent years the teaching staff wrote and introduced to the teaching process 28 training manuals. There is an electronic library, including a lot of science material and books, which is located in the computer class.

In last 2 years the faculty composed and introduced to the teaching process multimedia materials (presentations) on 24 disciplines.


Department, Lecture Rooms and Laboratories Location

The department of Electrical and Power Engineering is located at the building № 3 of the Vladimir State University. The address is Russia, Vladimir, Stroiteley prospect, 3/7

Service telephone numbers:

The Head of the Department – (4922) 497-852

Teaching staff room - (4922) 497-952

Administrator of laboratories - (4922) 497-767



International Work

International communications of the department were established in the first decade of its existence. In what follows this communications were developing thanks to the different joint research works, international students exchange and taking part in different science conferences and activities.

S.A. Sbitnev and V.E. Shmelev took part in the international energetic audit commission of Gasprom (Russia) and Rurgaz (Germany). This commission audited the Kursk natural gas compression station in 2003.

The results of the their research work, space-phase methods of the electromagnet theory, were reported on many science conferences, including international ones such as Stockholm (2005) and Prague (2006) conferences.

There are also foreign students in the Department.

At the present time an international partnership with Commonwealth of Independent States is being developed.


Accademic Curriculum

The Department of Electrical and Power Engineering teaches both full-time and part-time students in the next specialities:

1. Electric Power Supply (140211), full-time, time of studying - 5 years; qualification – specialist.

2. Electric Power Supply (140211), part-time, time of studying - 6 years; qualification – specialist.

3. Electric Power Supply (140211), fast part-time, time of studying - 4 years; qualification – specialist.

4. Power Engineering (140200), full-time, time of studying – 4 years, qualification – bachelor.

5. Power Engineering (140200), full-time, time of studying – 2 years, qualification – master.

6. Power Engineering (140200), full-time, time of studying – 3 years, qualification – bachelor. This one is for college and technical secondary school graduates.

7. Elecrtic Power Supply (140211), distance learning.



It is planned that the Department in 2010 will enroll as full-time students on budget basis

25 men - Power Engineering (140200) (Bachelor’s Degree, 4 years)

10 men - Power Engineering (140200) (Master’s Degree)

There is also a possibility of the contract studying.

There is also plans for enrolling part-time students on contract basis in the speciality Electric Power Supply (140211) on the 6 year and 4 year terms (for technical secondary school and college graduates).